Sunday 25th of February 2018

About Us



Here at Bengal Island Cat we Love the Bengal Cat Breed , and strive to produce the Best Possible in Conformation, Temperament, Color and Pattern, and Health.


The Health of our Cats and their Kittens are important to us, Our Cats are HCM Tested regularly and Cats and Kittens are given health checks. PKD testing of my

breeding cats is also done ensure they are PKD Negative.


Since starting my Journey in Breeding and Showing the Bengal Cat I have become very knowledgeable with my experiences both in breeding and showing of

these cats. I have made many friends in my Journey both in going to Cat Shows, meeting and becoming friends with other Breeders and my kitten pet families

who keep in touch.


I love going to shows but don't get to show as much as I would like to. All kittens I have placed in Show/Breeder homes have placed well and have gone on to

produce Beautiful kittens, and some of these kittens are being shown and have shown very well.


My pet families have more than once, returned for a second kitten. One of my kittens "Obsidian Oasis" I placed with Anthony at Jungletrax Bengals placed as

Third Best Bengal Kitten Internationally for 2012 in TICA.

Obsidian Oasis has since Fathered many TICA Titled Cats and Kittens including Best Bengal and Third Best Bengal

Cats  in the World , Oasis will be receiving an Award for this from TICA as one of the few Outstanding  Bengal Studs

in TICA. Oasis has returned to me to use in my Breeding Program.


Donna Haynes